Sunday, January 9, 2011

September Issue

Photo via ShoppingBlog
I just finished watching The September Issue and was very impressed by the documentary's soundtrack.  The behind-the-scenes action was fascinating (I wish there had been an interview with Andre Leon Talley because he was such a character, but I enjoyed learning about Anna Wintour, who only showed real emotion when she talked about her what her siblings thought of her job, and Grace Coddington, who seemed so down-to-earth, and a bit tragic, for someone in the industry), but definitely was helped along by the music selections.

Here's the track listing:
  1. Opening Title - Craig Richey
  2. Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron
  3. Back From Paris - Craig Richey
  4. The September Montage - Craig Richey
  5. Anna's History - Craig Richey
  6. Textures/ Grace's History - Craig Richey
  7. Grace's Photos - Craig Richey
  8. Burn It All Down - VHS Or Beta
  9. Golf Cart - Craig Richey
  10. Around the Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  11. Nostrand - Ratatat
  12. Packing For Rome - Craig Richey
  13. At Sea - Electrelane
  14. S to U - Chessie
  15. Grace at Versailles - Craig Richey
  16. Give It Up - LCD Soundsystem
  17. Diversion - Mark Ronson
  18. Anna's Meltdown - Craig Rickey
  19. That Home - Cinematic Orchestra
  20. Grace In Car - Craig Richey
  21. Don't You Worry - Jim Noir
  22. Flathead - The Fratellis
  23. Swisha - Ratatat
  24. Suffer for Fashion - Of Montreal
  25. Be A Star - Oh No! Oh My!
  26. End Titles - Craig Richey
Suffer for Fashion, one of my favorite Of Montreal songs, was PERFECT for the start of the end credits.