Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fall 2014 Tech Essentials

Summer's coming to an end, so enjoy the last of it (or the beginning of fall) with these essential gadgets (in no particular order):   
  1. Mophie space pack - battery + case + storage = Mophie space pack.  Not only does this case protect your iPhone, but it can also charge a phone up to 100% AND can add up to 64 GB of extra storage for more music, photos, and videos.  
  2. Danbo external battery - there are tons of options for external batteries for non-iPhone users, but this is one of the cutest.  The eyes light up in different colors to show the remaining power, and it has two ports to charge two phones at the same time.  One of the ports can even charge tablets! 
  3. GoPro Hero3 - with a waterproof case and built-in Wi-Fi, you can capture your last summer trip, party, or any upcoming music festivals (ahem, Austin City Limits). 
  4. SOL REPUBLIC DECK - finally a wireless speaker that doesn't sound tinny.  Indoors, the sound is impressive, but switching to Outdoor Mode really boosts the acoustics, great for BBQs and pool parties.  A fun feature is Heist Mode, which lets up to five people connect at the same time.  It's beyond easy to pair phones and immediately start playing music.  Plus the speaker lights up with different colors, so you know who's DJing.
  5. FlipBelt - okay, so this isn't really a gadget, but it's great for holding one when you go on a run.  Work out and listen to music without your phone / iPod bouncing around, weighing down one arm, or slipping out of your hand.    

SOL REPUBLIC DECK given to me for review.