Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Juno and Sweeney Todd


Oh Juno, you won me over with "Oh and Sonic Youth sucks. It's just noise!" So true. W is always touting the greatness of Sonic Youth, but I just never got it. They sound SO noisy and distorted to me. Oh, boo me if you want. I'm going to complain about certain types of music and if you don't like it, then try to change my mind by making me the best mix of their music possible as proof. Otherwise, shut up!
Right from the beginning the movie reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe it's the cute acoustic song playing along with the animation. The soundtrack was mostly acoustic with quirky lyrics. Some of them sounded really off key or like they were sung during an impromptu session where they made up the lyrics just a few minutes ago. I did like the creativity of the lyrics though. But I didn't like some of the really off key songs or maybe I don't really like The Moldy Peaches or maybe like Dan from TRS says, it's all too "lo-fi" for my taste. Although I do have to give them props for having Belle and Sebastien, Buddy Holly, and Cat Power. Admittedly, the Sonic Youth cover is alright, but I have to listen to it a few more times to be fully convinced. All the lo-fi songs do make sense when you get to the end where 2 of the main characters close the movie singing a sweet cover of the Moldy Peaches' Anyone Else But You. I think that probably won everyone over.

Low Note: I thought it was plausible that Juno spoke the way she did even though most people thought her speech was much too intelligent for someone her age. What I did find implausible was that a cheerleader would be best friends with an outcast. Yeah, right.
High Note: Belle and Sebastien and Juno said exactly how I've always felt about Sonic Youth.

Sweeney Todd

I loved the cinematography, the direction, the costumes. The way Tim Burton zoomed through the city made it seem really big and showed off the great architecture. The murder scenes were kind of shocking and so bloody. I loved how bright and vibrant the blood was (even though it was unrealistic, but it seemed to fit). Ms. Lovett's dream sequence was masterful. It was so shocking. It was like watching characters from a black and white movie enter technicolor. They looked SO cute in these color sequences and so out of place. I wish I could get some of these scenes as posters. Johnny Depp surprised me with his singing. He has a really good voice. The acting was great from everyone. Jamie Campbell had model good looks, but sometimes his giant eyes creeped me out.

Low Note: I'm sure Johanna had some operatic training or something, but her voice was WAY too high pitched for me. It hurt my ears.