Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Rapture @ Henry Fonda Theater / Music Box

Murakami Sushi

Before the show, we grabbed some dinner at Murakami, a restaurant Wing used to frequent when she worked in the area. Chirashi bowl was good for the low price. Although, my albacore tasted weird, I did like being able to Make My Own Bowl.

The Rapture

Thanks to The Scenestar's Twitter updates, we knew exactly when The Rapture would be on stage and didn't have to waste too much time waiting around during and after a potentially mediocre opening act.

We thought The Rapture would open with Heaven, instead they opened with (what must have been inspired by The XX) In the Grace of Your Love, which was equally great as an opener if not better.  Surprisingly, they didn't play Heaven at all that night. 
 They knew how to keep the crowd dancing all night.  The songs were practically back to back.  Wing's excitement over songs off Echoes may have exceeded my excitement over songs off the latest two albums.  The audience didn't discriminate; they loved it all.  My favorite song of the night:  Whoo! Alright - Yeah...Uh Huh.  EVERYONE was dancing to that.  I worried about a mosh pit starting, but each time someone tried to start, they were given dirty looks or immediately stopped.  I love the less violent, I-just-want-to-dance Rapture fans.  The encore only included two songs, but at least one of them was the extremely radio-friendly How Deep is Your Love?, which got stuck in my head for days after. 

High Note:  less moshing, more dancing.
Low Note:  Two German girls, who didn't seem to understand that it's rude to dance around by forming a bridge with your hands and arms straight out, whipping your hair with reckless abandon, and steamrolling your way to the front. I'm hoping my bony elbows weren't the only ones they felt.

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