Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coachella 2014 Packing List

Sadly, no Coachella for me this year, but since I saw so many Coachella packing guides going around, I figure I should add to them with something more than just "cute outfits".  These are the essentials I would bring to Coachella (or any festival).
  1. Vapur Bottle:  can be rolled up when empty and takes up way less space than a plastic water bottle.
  2. Mophie Juice Pack Plus:  protects your phone AND provides 120% extra battery to keep your phone functioning all day long.
  3. Phone charger:  With the above Mophie case, you can charge your phone and the case at the same time. If you're lucky there will be tents with charging stations like the amazing H&M tent last year with AC, cold water, outlets, sunblock, and wipes to clean your sweaty face. That tent was an oasis in the afternoon heat.    
  4. ETY Earplugs:  a friend changed my live music life with these earplugs.  They don't muffle the voices or instruments like other earplugs.  I remember using them for the first time and I kept taking them out to compare because it sounded like I wasn't really wearing earplugs.  The sound was amazing.  More details about how they work here.  
  5. Bundle Monster Waterproof Beach Blanket:  folds up into the smallest of pouches.  Doesn't take up much space in your tote bag and you'll be glad you brought it because the grass can get dry and itchy in the desert and at night you have no idea what has been tossed on the ground throughout the day.  Plus it's huge unfolded, could fit 2-3 napping people.
  6. Neutrogena SPF 100 Sunblock Spray:  yep, high SPF still exists and now in the form of a convenient spray!
  7. Eos SPF 15 Lip Balm  
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. P-mates:  if porta potties gross you out as much as they gross me out (I've gone all 3 days without using them) then these are a precious commodity.  They look weird, but they work.  I've used them in Tibet and China where a hole in the ground is considered a toilet...
  10. American Apparel Thigh High Socks:  I tend to wear shorts during the day, so these are nice and warm for nighttime desert temps.  
  11. Bandana:  for the dusty walk to and from parking / shuttle and a little extra warmth for the cold nights.
  12. Fjallraven Totepack:  you have to have a bag to throw all this stuff in.  This tote bag converts into a backpack, which is great when you want to be hands-free while dancing.
  13. Comfortable shoes:  my black Converse are my go-to, but if you're old like me you might also want a cushy, lightweight sneaker, like the Nike Air Pegasus 83 (if I have to wear sneakers I like them retro), for the next day when your feet are in pain from Day 1.  

Bands I would check out: