Thursday, March 17, 2011

David Chang Likes to Play Pavement, AC/DC, The Kinks @ Momofuku

I'm digging this new feature, Desert Island Discs, that Food is the New Rock is starting, where they ask chefs about their favorite music.  Food is the New Rock is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read and the name is genius.  It's so simple it makes me feel stupid for not thinking of it first.  I've always wondered how to best blend food and music into one blog and they have done it perfectly.

Favorite questions from the post: 
  • First love? Food or Music… 
    • DC: Food. Eating blue crabs at the Chesapeake Bay when I was 5 years old.
  • Musician you’d most like to cook for (alive or dead) and what would you serve them?
    • DC: Fat Elvis. Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.
  • 5 Albums on Your Desert Island iPod?
    • Luna “Penthouse”
    • Pavement “Wowee Zowee”
    • Bob Dylan “Nashville Skyline”
    • GZA “Liquid Swords”
    • Pixies “Doolittle”
Read the rest here.