Friday, July 25, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Celebrating 20 Years @ Hollywood Bowl

High Notes:
  1. Jack Black was a funny, energetic host and managed to recover quickly, and humorously, even when flubbing his lines.  Has he ever been considered to host the Oscars?  
  2. The amazing Judith Hill singing Prince of Egypt's "When You Believe".  Don't know how my friend's have never heard of this song, let alone the movie.  It was all over the radio and featured two powerhouse singers (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston)!  
  3. The USC Marching Band lined up on stage to perform on The Croods. 
  4. Remembering how great the soundtracks were for Puss in Boots and How to Train Your Dragon.
  5. Getting to see one of my favorite composers, Hans Zimmer, live AND on guitar! 
  6. Awesome fireworks during I'm a Believer with Jack Black on vocals and all the Dreamworks composers playing instruments. 
  7. All the popular Dreamworks characters coming out on stage to dance to I Like to Move It.  Jack Black shimmying with Po (it's like he's dancing with himself!) and Shrek was particularly amusing.  Life-size Toothless was so adorable!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Evening of Chinese Splendor @ Hollywood Bowl

High Notes:
  1. Not just one, but FIVE dragons before the show even started,  

    one dragon during the show, 

    and a flaming dragon with fireworks at the end of the show.  
  2. Perry So conducted the LA Philharmonic and looked unexpectedly young for someone so talented.
  3. The concert brought together generations with classical pianist Rueibin Chen, beloved folk singer Song Zuying, and pop star Wang Leehom.  The lineup made for a fun family activity. 
  4. Wang Leehom's cover of his uncle, Li Jian-fu's, hit song Descendants of the Dragon  
  5. All the performers on stage together for Time to Say Goodbye.  Wow, Song Zuying's voice is amazing 

Low Notes: 
  1. I know it was an outdoor concert, so you can bring whatever you want to eat, but stinky tofu definitely should not be one of them.   
  2. So this is just a personal low note, but seeing Wang Leehom play piano, violin, AND sing really made me wish I excelled at something, anything!
  3. I've never seen so many Chinese people in one place outside of China.  Having been to China, I know people don't seem to follow any traffic rules (or rules of courtesy in crowds).  It was a pushy, rough herd of people.  First time I've ever gotten stuck in the tunnel while exiting...

  • Can Leehom Wang transcend China and America's pop cultures? - LA Times 
  • Wang Leehom's video diary of that day