Thursday, January 27, 2011

Violet Sedan Chair on Fringe's "The Firefly" Ep

Photo via BuddyTV

This is a comment from Wing, who is a bigger fan of Fringe than I am:

In the latest Fringe ep, Christopher Lloyd guest-starred as the ex-keyboardist of a once popular psychedelic rock band "Violet Sedan Chair" that Walter is a big fan of. Guess what? J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot crew actually made a real album for this fake band! You can stream it here:

This show...I have no words!

This was such a great episode.  I loved the romantic struggle between Olivia and Peter, the Tessla mention, Walter acting like a giddy fanboy, the twist at the end about consequences / the butterfly effect, and the use of Lloyd in a time traveling theme.

And the music is actually pretty good! 

The band "Violet Sedan Chair" is a fictional band, but one that J.J. Abrams had named-dropped two years earlier in an issue of Wired for which he had guest-edited, alluding to the band's album, Seven Suns, recorded in the 1970's.  Prior to the broadcast of "The Firefly", a number of vinyl records of Seven Suns were shipped to a select number of independent record stores across the United States, which have been discovered by some people.  The album does contain twelve songs in the style of psychedelic and folk. The album itself has been briefly shown in the series. (Wikipedia)