Sunday, July 19, 2009

Musical Tweets

Where the Wild Things are

Arcade Fire's Wake Up was PERFECT for the Where the Wild Things are trailer

I haven't seen a trailer that compatible with an Arcade Fire song since they placed My Body is a Cage in Benjamin Button.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Telekinesis @ Echoplex

Had another foodventure that night. I'm wondering if I should have an actual format for these food posts since they may become a common occurrence as long as music is involved. :P I noticed I didn't really have any sort of organization for my Anvil post because I had written it in a flurry of excitement.

Tigeorge's Chicken, Los Angeles
It was a bit difficult to find because it wasn't that noticeable. The exterior was stark. I almost thought it was a liquor store. I didn't know what to expect after passing by the barred windows on the way to the entrance. The interior looked nothing like the outside. It was bright and colorful; everyone looked like they were relaxed and having a good time. There was a couple dancing to live salsa music. We were fortunate enough to eat on a day when they typically have live music (every Saturday evening); although, it made conversation somewhat difficult. The salsa band appeared to be paid in donations and restaurant food. The atmosphere was what I imagined island life to be like. It was the perfect environment for drinking, which was what most people were doing, so we were disappointed when we found out they didn't serve alcohol. I wish I had known that it was BYOB/W. Beer or wine would have gone really well with our meal. Seeing as we were all virgins to Haitian food, we all ordered the Island Combo - A Haitian Experience: ¼ Chicken, Rice with Beans, Salad, PlataƱos Fritos, Acra with Pikliz and Ti Malis Sauce.


The chicken was so tender I didn't even need to use a knife. The only issue I found with the place was the unusually long wait after we were served appetizers of what I THINK was Acra:
Deep Fried Taro Root and Herring Fish (it came with this amazing garlicy, spicy sauce that was addictive. I wanted to put that sauce on everything!). It seemed like they were cooking each individual meal from scratch. I loved the black beans and rice and how they were a consistent mixture. I prefer that over just piling on some beans on top of white rice.

City Sip, Los Angeles
Because our dinner took longer than we anticipated, we arrived at City Sip after 7pm, but they were nice enough to allow us participate in the wine tasting anyway. They have wine tastings every Saturday from 5-7pm for $12: a flight of 3 types of wine with complimentary cheese pairings. They also have a great happy hour and other deals going on throughout the week.

We got there at about 9pm. We had a bit too much to drink at City Sip and hoped to miss the opening act. Echoplex looked much more spacious compared to the only other time I was there, which was for the first LA Craft Beer Fest. I knew the band wasn't that well-known, but I still felt bad when I only saw about 20-30 people in attendance and everyone was able to get a good view of the band on stage. The band was entertaining live. Their banter was kind of nerdy, but amusing nonetheless. They played well live. I was surprised to see that the lead singer was also the drummer. I would recommend you catch them if you can. They're music is fun to dance to.

Gold Room, Los Angeles
We left the Echoplex to hunt down Gold Room's famous free tacos and cheap beers that my sister and her bf are always raving about. Her bf mentioned how divey it was, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Maybe he meant the crowd? The tacos were very tasty for being free. My sis and her bf claim that they're just as delicious sober.