Friday, January 30, 2009

Tapes 'n Tapes, Wild Light @ El Rey

1st Band
We showed up late and this band barely came on stage. Unfortunately, we didn't arrive late enough because what we thought was the second opener was ONLY the first. They were just 2 kids: one on drums and the other on guitar. Kind of White Stripes-ish, but they sucked. I had to admire them for trying to bring punk back, but they were completely unoriginal and the lyrics were lacking. The only thing entertaining about their performance was them trying to quiet down the drunk girl at the front of the stage who was dancing erratically and yelling at them to take their shirts off.

Wild Light
was infinitely better, but maybe because the first band was so bad? No, these guys seemed really talented. There were actually 3 singers, who were all equally talented (although, I preferred the lanky guy's singing the most. Just seemed more unusual and indie), AND they could play several instruments. They switched off for each song. Some of the songs were catchy. I mostly liked the songs that the lanky guy sang.

Tapes 'n Tapes
It was kind of weird being there without knowing the music really really well. Admittedly I hadn't listened to their music enough to memorize the lyrics, only enough to recognize the songs. They were much better live than on CD. On CD, they had some catchy songs, but some of them sounded really similar after awhile. My fav song off their album Walk it Off is Hang Them All. That's pretty much the fastest song on their album. It was fantastic live and so were their other songs. They really know how to get an audience going and great guitar solos and songs just sounded a lot more bluesy and much faster live. On CD, they sound a bit mellow and sleepy. Great live though.