Friday, September 14, 2012

Sound Bites 15.0: TasteLA 2012

Dinner & Drinks

Favorite bites of the night (clockwise):
  • Rustic Canyon's Grilled Loin Back Rib with cannellini beans & salsa verde
  • Haven's Cola-Glazed Berkshire Pork with smoked creamed corn, Garrotxa cheese, thyme
  • Chocolate Hazelnut (gluten free) and Blueberry Earl Grey Fonuts 
  • Tom Bergin's BBQ Oyster

Labor Day Picnic

Favorite bites of the day (left to right, top to bottom):
  • Sweet Rose Creamery's Bacon with Cinnamon ice cream sliders - okay, so I mostly ate the bacon and ice cream.  Still good!
  • Huckleberry's chocolate mini cupcakes
  • Bouchon's macarons and brownies
  • Haven's Lamb Slider with leek onion jam, tzatziki, onion sprouts, rosemary bun

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Dinner & Drinks
Labor Day Picnic

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun. @ The Wiltern - 8/17

I was a little concerned about auto-tuning occurring at the show thanks to the overuse of it on Fun.'s latest album Some Nights (it's hard to tell if they did that to to be entertaining or if they were trying to be artistic).  Luckily, there was no need to worry because the only time I heard it was when the crowd continued singing it at the end of a song, which was amusing. 

The Wiltern provided a great environment for tracks that encourage group singalongs, such as Carry On, One Foot, and We are Young (which was a dream to hear live.  I was hoping Janelle Monáe would be a surprise guest, but the song still sounded amazing.  Surprisingly, I discovered this song on a blog and later began noticing it was being played everywhere.  Shows how little I listen to the radio).  The Gambler was sweetly dedicated to the parents of Jack Antonoff (guitarist).  Other notable tracks included whimsical Walking the Dog and At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be), Queen-inspired All the Pretty Girls, and one of my favorites, Light a Roman Candle with Me (It sounds like a cute date...that I would like to be on...with the singer, Nate Ruess, who is rather attractive in person.  He looks like a younger Guy Pearce).  

I've never really seen a band black out all the lights after each song.  It was rather theatrical, like each song was a new act, and their intermission was a short cover of Oh What a Night, befitting of Ruess' voice.  Adding to the drama was more confetti than I've ever seen in my life during 60s rockish Bar Lights (which was never one of my favorites, but after hearing them cover You Can't Always Get What You Want, it made sense) and a balloon drop, ending the night with the epic Some Nights.  People were still singing the chorus on the way out.

High Note: 
Everyone there were hardcore fans.  They knew all the lyrics to songs off Fun.'s last two albums.  

Low Note:
Okay, not really that low.  Although, I got to hear most of my favorites, they didn't play Out on the Town, I Wanna Be the One, and All Alright.   

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