Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adele, Wanda Jackson @ The Greek Theatre

Wanda Jackson

Photo by Dana Yavin via Brooklyn Vegan

I've heard her name quite a bit recently, but never paid any mind.  After seeing her live, I wondered how I had never heard of her before.  She used to tour with the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis, and Johnny Cash, all singers that I love.  Although her singing has slowed down at the ripe age of 73 (I'm amazed she's still alive, let alone yodeling!), I could still hear her unique vocal style.  She still sings like the Queen of Rockabilly, which was kind of a disconnect for me because of the seductive crooning and her age, but I did enjoy the tour through her song catalog:  teetering from rockabilly to yodeling, from an Amy Winehouse cover to gospel (which maybe wasn't the best choice for a general audience, but everyone still cheered because who can resist such a vibrant personality).

Riot in Cell Block #9

I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse cover)

I wish I could have seen a duet with Wanda Jackson and Amy Winehouse. 


Photo by Timothy Norris via LA Weekly

The venue was much bigger than the last place I saw her at (HOB SD).  The sound was great, but I wish the big screens were as crisp as what they have at Hollywood Bowl.  The Greek reminded me of a baby version of The Bowl.  I disliked the stacked parking, but luckily, the cars in front of me were leaving around the same time, so we made it out pretty quickly.

LA Times has a fantastic concert review of that memorable night, so I'll keep mine short.  I loved hearing all the stories behind her music and her interactions with the crowd.  She was cackling (LOVE her laugh) and joking around all night, which really personalized the show. When she mentioned her latest album was all about her ex, it made all the songs sound much more depressing, but also more meaningful. 

Set List

"Hometown Glory" - always reminds me of how patriotic everyone was after 9/11
"I'll Be Waiting"
"Don't You Remember" - I was neutral about this and Lovesong, but they definitely sound better live
"Turning Tables"
"Set Fire to the Rain"
"If It Hadn't Been For Love"
"My Same" - always thought it was about a bf, but like it even more now that I know it's about her bestie
"Take It All" - so sad.  Written for her bf right before he broke it off
"Rumor Has It"
"Right as Rain"
"One and Only"
"Chasing Pavement" - entire stadium knew this song and sang it at the top of their lungs
"Make You Feel My Love" - dedicated to Amy Winehouse.  Was actually listening to this the day of Winehouse's death and thought it would be perfect for a dedication

"Someone Like You"
"Rolling in the Deep" - great song to end the night