Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Richard Swift, Cold War Kids @ Henry Fonda

I must warn you that my review may be affected by being worn out from:
1. work
2. one too many shows this week. Hopefully, I'll recover in time for ACL
3. lack of sleep

First Band

Ok, so I have no idea what the name of this band is. All I know is that we were extremely lucky to have arrived late and miss all but their last song. I didn't get them AT ALL. It was like they all decided to play at random and hoped for the best. Everything just sounded so noisy and off key. They were completely out of sync.

Richard Swift
He started out sounding really good, but I think it was just due to the horrid aftermath of the previous band because after awhile it started dragging on. He would stretch out his songs forever with lyric repetition much like the musical stylings of Robin Thicke (first album. Not sure what his new stuff sounds like now). He was talented and some of the music, probably because of the piano, sounded old timey, but got tired eventually. Couldn't wait for it to be over.

Cold War Kids
I hadn't listened to their new album at all, so I was a bit disappointed that they played so many new songs. Also, the new songs didn't have as much piano. They sounded more radio friendly and didn't stand out as much in my mind. The old songs they played were great, but came out near end. I was eagerly anticipating hearing St. John, which they played at the end.

Cold War Kids took way too long time setting up. I have no idea why. I don't think there should ever be 3 bands playing on a weeknight. It's just too many bands and it gets really late and tiring. Otherwise, they should start the show much earlier.