Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hot Chip @ The Wiltern

So, I went a bit show crazy this week and was crazy enough to want to go see Hot Chip 2 days after Beck, but couldn't find anyone to go with. Miraculously, my sis' friend was also a fan and decided to round up some people and I ended up going, which I'm glad I did because the show was beyond what I imagined.

So, I haven't really been to The Wiltern since Death Cab played there a few years ago back when I was in college. Maybe my memory fails me, but I totally don't remember it being sectioned off into 3 tiers of exclusivity in the general admission area. The mobility restriction sucked.

They played all their catchy songs except The Warning, which was a bit disappointing because I really like that song. It was an older crowd, which made a huge difference in comparison to the seemingly all ages crowd at Henry Fonda for Ratatat. I prefer older crowds over the kids. Sometimes kids can be so obnoxious in their immaturity.

There were giant white balloons that got smacked around up to the stage and strobe lights, which gave it a nice club party atmosphere that went well with the music.

The lead singer's voice was so great. I loved the reinterpretations of some of of their classics. They still sounded great in their own ways. I thought it was really cool that for one of the songs people in the crowd started climbing onto the stage and the band actually let them stay. Eventually, they filled up half the stage and were dancing around the band members. It was so awesome. I wish we could've gotten on stage, but we were in the 3rd level and couldn't get past security. The group of people I went with made the show more fun because they all liked to dance. I think the music would be really enjoyable to someone who has never heard their music, but loves to dance. We saw one guy who seemed to think he was in a rave, but his dancing was so great, we started imitating him, which made the show more fun. Dancing ALWAYS makes shows more fun. I wish I didn't suck so hard at it, but it's still fun, especially after drinks.