Saturday, September 20, 2008

E*Rock, Panther, Ratatat @ Henry Fonda

Everyone seemed surprised when he came out on stage wearing sunglasses over a black t-shirt on his head, but he won them over by being really energetic and entertaining. He seemed talented (I say seemed because I'm not really into that kind of computer noise electronica, so I can't really say how good he was. After awhile it all gets kind of repetitious) and, curiously enough, integrated a Wiimote into his act. I did love the end though where he used the Wiimote to (it sounded like) fight off a bad in Contra and he got attacked by all these explosions. Great last song.

Not many guys can pull of a gold lame cap in the pattern of a Louis Vuitton bag and Panther definitely isn't one of those guys. That was probably one of the reasons why he got heckled, on top of the lack of singing skill, and Justin Timberlake wannabe dancing. I felt kind of bad for him, but then he started making weird jokes about the crowd being mostly jocks or something. He was a bit of a douche. I didn't think he deserved to be heckled, but in the end, he was far worse than I had originally thought. I couldn't wait for him to get off the stage. It just got worse as the show went on. And he had this weird video playing in the background of this fake burning head. It was all so weird. I didn't get it.

Honestly the crowd was kind of crappy. There were a lot of kids there (high school kids can be so obnoxious. They always think they're the sh**. Wait until you get to college or get a real job. Jeez) and surprisingly, a large number of frat boy types. They were really rude. This Asian guy actually pushed me aside and stood in front of me. I was thinking "Are you serious? I've been standing by the front of the stage since the first act! You're TALLER than me, you ass!" I've actually taken to asking tall people, who seem to think they can just stand in front of short people about 5 minutes before the show starts, to please move aside so I can actually see. It's really unfair and completely rude to just move in front of someone, especially when you're so tall. Look around before you decide to stay. Luckily, this usually annoys those tall movers so much that they eventually leave. His dumb friend actually had the tenacity to try to shove his way to the front. I stood my ground and didn't let him through. Luckily, there were some nice (or just stubborn) people around me. I almost got knocked over by the jerk and the guy next to me made sure I was ok and didn't let him through. The guy behind me started blocking the same pushers from getting in front of him. So, that was helpful and very unusual to find such nice people at shows.

Finally, the big moment came. I had always thought they group just had two people, but they also had this keyboardist with crazy hair who was bobbing his head so hard to the music that I thought he would bash it into his keyboards! I never realized how much guitar was involved in their music. I always thought it was a lot of keyboard. The guitar playing, I thought, was amazing! It was like hearing an electronic symphony. I was just blown away. It was like he was doing these ridiculously long solos that went on forever. I don't know how he had the stamina to keep going for so long, but all of it sounded as good as the CD.

High Note: Hearing Shempi (my fav Ratatat song) live
Low Note: Having to waste my hearing on Panther, dBag frat boys, pushy high schoolers