Monday, September 22, 2008

MGMT, Spoon, Beck @ Hollywood Bowl

played about 5 songs. It really wasn't enough for them. I was hoping they would play for much longer. I loved hearing Time to Pretend, Kids, Weekend Wars, and Electric Feel live. I wish they played Pieces of What though. They were fantastic on stage and sounded even better than on CD. They seemed like they weren't that used to playing in front of so many people because they messed up a bit on one of their songs, but it was cute. And they did some awkward dancing to go along with it, heh. I really regret not seeing them earlier on in the month when they were playing at a much smaller venue.

was kind of loungey. They're just not really a good stadium band. I remember seeing them at Henry Fonda awhile back and they rocked the place. At Hollywood Bowl though, I'm not sure what they were thinking. They pretty much played all the songs from their new album, which really isn't as good as their old stuff. I guess they felt like the venue was just a good place to advertise their new album when they really should have used it to their advantage and sucked them in with their good old songs and have the people come across the new album. On the new album, there really aren't a ton of catchy songs, so they were also playing really slow music, which isn't very good with such a large crowd. I'm a huge fan of Spoon and I even I was getting sleepy after awhile.

He played all his greatest hits: Girl, Loser, Nausea, Devil's Haircut, E Pro... He sounded great live, as good as the CDs. He also played with the LA Phil string orchestra (David Campbell as the conductor), which was amazing. Too bad they were mostly slow songs, but they still sounded good. Beck had this amazing female guitarist. She was extremely talented. I'm always impressed with female guitarists because I so rarely see them. As Beck ended the show I said he just couldn't leave without playing Where It's At, and then he came back out and did it as part of his encore. He got the entire Hollywood Bowl to sing along with him. I've never heard so many people singing the same lyrics at the same time in my life. It was surreal.