Monday, May 3, 2010

Coachella 2010 Day 2

WIN:  Band of Skulls may have played in the smallest tent (Gobi), but they performed like they were on the main stage.  They sounded great live.  I was surprised to find out there were only three band members, but they were all very skilled.  Russell Marsden (vocals) was amazing on guitar.  His voice blended perfectly with Emma Richardson (vocals). 

WIN:  I got so into Band of Skulls that I forgot Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros' set overlapped.  We rushed over there and got to hear one other track before getting to hear my favorite song of theirs, Home.  Gotta love songs with whistling and it sounded great live.  I just wish I had gotten a chance to listen to more of the set.  I didn't realize Sharpe was such a hippie until I saw him dancing barefoot onstage, looking like Jesus. 

FAIL:  Overprivileged high schoolers who think they can be rude and shove their way to wherever they want in a crowd just because mommy and daddy paid for their overpriced tickets. 

FAIL:  I heard SO much hype about The XX up until the very moment they came on stage.  I agree with a lot of what LA Weekly said about them: The XX should have played in a tent after sundown.  Maybe they should have also been backed by live drums instead of an extremely low drum machine.  I admit to enjoying Intro and the last song because I could finally hear drumming from Oliver Sim physically on a (still electronic, but at least it was audible!) drum.  At some points, I found myself wishing I had gone to see Corinne Bailey Rae instead.  They seemed awkwardly shy as they left the stage with no goodbye, merely a whispered "Thank you." 
On CD, I gave the XX another chance and they did sound much better than they did live.  I understood the kind of sound they were going for and it's just something that would play better in a small club.  I enjoyed the dreamy new wavey music, actual audible beats, and Romy Madley Croft's breathy (as opposed to live whispery) singing. 

WIN:  Hot Chip was fantastic live, as expected.  They got everyone up and dancing and brought in a huge crowd.  They were just as good as when I saw last them at The Wiltern

WIN:  MGMT sounded clean and professional, VERY different from the last time I saw them at Hollywood Bowl.  I have to admit they sounded really good.  I guess their just-like-the-CD sound comes from all the touring they've been doing and from actually having a band back them up instead of just them two on a big stage, but I found that I kind of missed their previous nervous awkwardness and found it endearing. I enjoyed hearing all the old songs.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about the tracks off the new album.  They don't really have that same electro pop feel that I fell in love with on their prior album.  The new songs just sound like the usual pop songs.  I'll have to listen to their album some more to get a better feel for it.  Either way, I think they put on a great show for anyone who was seeing them for the first time.  My friend particularly loved the Brian Eno song.  

WIN:  Everyone says Muse is douchey, but you know what?  They know how to put on an amazing show.  Everyone knows their songs and it's impossible not to go wild over their excessive, hilariously pretentious, entertaining performance.  They are definitely a stadium band that knows how to put on a flashy show with flamboyant clothes and stage antics (like spinning a guitar around and playing behind his head.  At one point, Matthew Bellamy just finished up a song and merely held his guitar in the palm of his head, into the air, and people still cheered!).  Bellamy knows knows how to arouse the crowd.  I guess the band can get away with this kind of absurdity because really, every member is just ridiculously talented at what they do. 


FAIL:  The same annoying lights I hated back when I saw The Dead Weather at The Wiltern seem to be a permanent part of their act.  If it weren't for the screens, I'd never know what they were actually doing on stage.  The lights were horrible, flashing in people's eyes, blinding them.  WHY?!  The band doesn't want to be seen on stage?!  Otherwise, the music was good and they played some new songs from their upcoming yet to be released album that had a very similar sound to their previous album.

FAIL:  Tiesto was SO loud that you could hear him even in the farthest corners of the field.  He was at the main stage and managed to drown out Jack White's normally fantastic guitar solo during The Dead Weather set.  We went to the Sahara Stage and FINALLY couldn't hear Tiesto anymore ONLY because he was being drowned out by whichever DJ was on at that tent.  We could even hear him as we were leaving Coachella for the day because he went over his set time. 

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