Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dead Weather, Tyvek @ Wiltern

I enjoyed the humorous explanations behind each punk-by-hipsters song more than the music itself. My friend thought the guitar was interesting, but the voice wasn't all that great (at some points it was high and scratchy).

The Dead Weather
I've always been an admirer of Jack White, so I was intrigued by his latest side project with The Dead Weather. Honestly, I spent about a week or two listening to the debut album Horehound. It sounded really experimental (my fav song was So Far from Your Weapon, which reminded me of White's duet with Alicia Keys, Another Way to Die, but better. Although Another Way to Die probably would have been better with Alison Mosshart). Alison Mosshart has a good voice, but I found it to be so similar to Jack White's that sometimes they became indistinguishable from one another. I did enjoy the hard rocking, bluesy tunes, but was starting to get worried about how it would sound live because I wasn't enjoying the album as much as I thought I would. Up until the show, Band of Skulls was what I wished The Dead Weather sounded like. Once I heard The Dead Weather live, I was blown away. They sound SO much better live than on CD. I loved the grittiness of the sound. Everything sounded more blues rock than the clean studio sound of their album. Mosshart's voice sounded fantastic live with her seductive growling and definitely distinct from White's, who actually sounded much more gravelly live, but I still enjoyed his singing. Just seeing White play guitar during Will There Be Enough Water was worth the admission alone.

I was blown away by his deft playing. I went to the concert a Jack White fan and left an Alison Mosshart fan.

High Note: The Dead Weather sounded great live
Low Note: I'm not sure if it was because we were sitting in the balcony, but the stage lights were blinding and seizure inducing. It made it extremely difficult to watch the show because I was getting blinded every few minutes. Sometimes I even had to look away because I was starting to get a headache. I was SO glad that there wasn't flashing lights during Jack White's guitar playing.

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