Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kaki King, The Mountain Goats @ Troubadour

Troubadour has to be one of my favorite venues. I love the size of the place and the intimacy it provides and best of all, no kids!

Kaki King
was good, just like she was when I saw her at the Roxy. It kind of sucked that she was the opener, so she didn't have as much time to interact with the audience or do any encores, so her set seemed a little more rushed than the last time. Her performance was still great and I loved hearing about her youtube fears. Her show was pretty similar to the last show, but this time instead of the Fashion Tattoo cover at the end, they did a cover of Dogs and Horses by the same band, which wasn't nearly as good.

Mountain Goats
had a great funny intro to the tune of New Edition's Candy Girl. I thought, "OK, good intro. Maybe this won't be so bad." I didn't really have very high expectations with a name like Mountain Goats. W thought they would sound like Band of Horses. I WISH they sounded like Band of Horses. The singer was pretty dorky, but he was amusing. The singing style reminded me a bit of Silver Scooter with the nasally voice that kind of talked through the songs, which wouldn't be so bad if the lyrics were really clever, but they weren't in particular. The lyrics didn't really stand out and I THINK he was singing about everyday things, but I couldn't tell because it was so boring after awhile, I kind of zoned out a bit. They were talented, but not catchy enough for us to stay and enjoy it, but not so bad that we could leave. They were just really bland. I've never seen such a bland band. So, we just stayed because we kept hoping Kaki King would come back out because they collaborated on an album together. Every time she came out, we perked up because they have great chemistry together. The music they played together was infinitely better than anything Mountain Goats played alone. One of their best songs was Supergenesis.

That was the last song they played together. People were actually bobbing their heads and genuinely enjoying the Mountain Goats. I just didn't get it. I didn't find the music appealing at all. We left during their encore. I couldn't take it anymore, especially after I realized drinking didn't help, instead it made me almost fall asleep through one of their songs. I wouldn't actually slept through it if W hadn't woken me up by poking me and telling me that she just slept through 3 of their songs. I regret that we didn't leave sooner.