Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sound Bites 13.0: 1886 Bar @ The Raymond, Pasadena

Ramos Gin Fizz
The last time I went to 1886, it was so packed I had to walk right back out.  So, I was excited to meet up with HC and Fiona to get a preview of the bar's Spring cocktail list.

If I had known what was in store for us that night, I wouldn't have ordered a bite and drink; but I can never resist tots (with spicy ketchup) and I really needed a drink after a tough day at work. 

Warning:  we tried the entire cocktail menu and then some, so please excuse any fuzzy photos or lack of memory...

Cocktails with Candies:
  • 20,000 Leagues - a Julep created to honor the Pasadena passengers who perished on the Titanic 100 years ago.  Candy:  Yellow Chartreuse candy garnish
  • Barrel Roll - Bols Barrel-Aged Genever cocktail.  Candy:  delicate paper-thin candied Campari Chip that chases away the bitterness of the drink
Hot Cocktails:
  • Bittersweet Farewell 
  • Cinnablossom
  • Pimm's #5 - another table favorite.  I found out why over the weekend:  they use Rum Whistle in the cocktail
  • MacArthur Park Swizzle - loved the nutmeg
  • Water of Life - refreshing and love the name
  • Rum Whistle - bottled alcoholic green apple and celery soda.  We all loved it so much we had four...and then I brought my friend over the weekend to introduce her to the deliciousness... and then HC and I joined Caroline yesterday to help her finish her bottle
    MacArthur Park Swizzle / Water of Life / Rum Whistle
  • Battered Mushrooms with Mikey's Ranch - crispy and not too oily, unlike the Portobello Fries at Bottega Louie
  • Dim Sum Shrimp Toast Sandwich 
  • Roasted Lamb Necks & Afghan Bread - I was surprised by the lack of game in the lamb.  I liked the presentation of the bread masquerading as a napkin, but I wish the bread was in strips or something else easier to break apart to eat with the lamb
  • Pork Belly, Cured, Pressed & Crisped 

With well-crafted cocktails and tasty food (I will always return to a bar that serves good tots), 1886 is quickly becoming my new favorite bar. 

Song Pairing: 
Kings of Convenience - Misread

* Cocktail details from The Raymond press release.