Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alarms After Dark @ Good Hurt

LocationGood Hurt
BandAlarms After Dark - the latest musical incarnation from Xander Govan, whose other bands have included Near Death Photography Club and Siberian Summer Camp

After having listened to Xander's previous bands, I feel like he's finally found a musical style that complements his vocals.  Alarms After Dark is a good balance between rock and a moodiness that has been a constant influence in his previous bands.  Micah's use of reverb adds a dreamy atmosphere to AAD's sound, which is unique and appealing to a larger audience at the same time.

The only down side to the show was not being able to hear all the band members' voices on some of the songs because the sound was too low on all but Xander's mics.  The music was still good, but I wonder how different it would've sounded if I could have heard the supplemental harmonies. 

If Alarms After Dark had a single, it would have to be the polished and catchy Faults

I like the direction this band is going in and look forward to hearing more.