Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Near Death Photography Club @ Hive Gallery

They were performing at the Hive Gallery as part of the Downtown LA Artwalk. The gallery was much bigger than it looked outside. It had a kind of lobby that led into a room with a small stage (where Near Death Photography Club played) that, in turn, lead into a long room. All the walls were covered in artwork. At the moment, the one I remember most was the piece of art with a disturbingly realistic sewn up mouth. Fortunately, there was a variety of art that was dissimilar to my previous description.

The last time I saw NDPC play was at Tribal Cafe and I wasn't actually able to see the performance, but I'm told it was similar to this night's. Xander's stage dramatics seemed to draw the crowd in even though he often didn't face the audience and seemed to be in his own world.

No one else seemed to notice, but I thought the singing was actually a bit lower and slower this time around, which I thought made the voice less distracting from the overall music. Even with a missing guitarist (Wing had to play his parts and create her own solos), the band didn't sound incomplete. The songs could form a good soundtrack to a dark and stormy night.

Low Note: Feedback from an amp was very apparent during quieter moments in the set. Not sure if it was due to the size of the small space NDPC was playing in.

High Note: Great to see people getting really into the music. Hostess and two other guys were dancing in front of the audience.

I love the above pic of Wing. She reminds me of this anime / manga character from FLCL.