Thursday, May 28, 2009

Siberian Summer Camp, Courtney Greene, 19AD, Magnuson @ Foundation Room in HOB, Hollywood

I didn't even know this lounge existed. This was the first time I had been there. They seemed like they were trying for a tacky mix of Asian and Rococo for the interior, but who knows. I've always thought everything in House of Blues was a bit tacky, but on purpose, I hope. On the up side there were couches to sit on.

Courtney Greene was up first. She had a scratchy punkish voice, but sang mostly pop songs.

19AD sounded a bit 80s, a bit Alkaline Trio, a bit Joy Division (my friend says).

Siberian Summer Camp The lead singer also plays drums and does vocals for Crime Spree in Candyland (what's with all these long band names? They're not easy to remember). When I saw Crime Spree in Candyland I mentioned that I didn't really get his singing style, but after hearing the stylings of SSC I finally get it. They're more punk rock (or what my friend describes as loud), so his voice fit perfectly with that type of music. The guitars were great and the sound, by the way, was impressive in that lounge. Everything was very crisp. For one song, they brought out this little piece of equipment that looked like a small robot that distorted the guitar as it approached the robot. I have no idea what it was, but it made an awesome distorted sound.

Magnuson My friend thought they sounded quite good, much like Perfect Circle. For me, it wasn't bad, I'm just getting a bit tired of that period's rock music. I feel like it's a bit outdated and not very innovative.