Thursday, July 29, 2010

Planet Earth Live @ Hollywood Bowl

Since the Hollywood Bowl usually allows food, we decided to have a Porto's picnic:

  1. Meat pies - nice and flaky.  I can see why they make such good pastries.  Wish there was just a little more than just meat in there.  Veggies would have helped 
  2. Potato balls - free! But they got a little chewy because we waited a bit to eat them.  Note:  eat the potato balls ASAP
  3. Enjoying meat pies, and the free potato balls Porto's gave us #fb
  4. Potato Ball sandwich (a little dry.  Maybe because of the balls' exteriors or too much starch altogether) 
  5. Double Danish - cherry on one side, apple on the other.  Unfortunately, I was so full I only took one bite.  It was good though! 
  6. Tiramisu - really good despite being a little melted from the warm weather.   
Maybe this should have been called a starchy picnic instead of a Porto's picnic.

I've never seen the Planet Earth series (I know, shame on me), so I was really excited to finally see some of it, especially to the sounds of the LA Phil.  That weekend was the first time Hollywood Bowl used their HD screen located center stage, above the orchestra.  It was amazingly crisp and clear, like watching TV in your living room, but with better sound.

Turned out, the conductor, George Fenton, wrote the music for Blue Planet and Planet Earth.  He made some humorous intros for each of the condensed episodes.  My fav episodes:  Babies, Predators (epic shots and music), Caves (the environment and animals looked so alien!), and Behind-the-Scenes.

There were more kids at The Bowl than I'm used to seeing.  I was surprised they showed Predators with children present.  The episodes were beautifully shot.  I can't believe how many hours and months photographers wait just to get a 10 minute shot of an animal.  Editors must go through so many hours and hours of footage just to produce a single episode.  I really admire all the dedication and work that went into the series.

The LA Phil was fantastic and I hope they decide to do this again because I think it's a great family activity.  Can't wait until they do Frozen Planet Live.