Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Hot Heat @ One Colorado, Pasadena

I had always wanted to see Hot Hot Heat live and had heard about the show at One Colorado, Pasadena from The Scenestar.  I loved their first two albums and their EP Knock Knock Knock.  Honestly, their album Happiness Ltd. wasn't even on my radar (I know, I'm a bad HHH fan.  I will definitely listen to it now that I know about it!). 

Hot Hot Heat was entertaining, teasing the Il Fornaio patrons, and joking around with the audience.  Due to the outdoor being enclosed by neighboring businesses, they had to play a semi-acoustic set, which I thought was a fantastic reinterpretation of their past and present tracks.  I loved the acoustic guitar put to keyboard and occasionally synthesized vocals.  The songs sounded almost entirely different, but still great.  Steve Bays voice sounds just like it does on CD.  Impressive.  My favorite songs of the night:
  1. Get In or Get Out
  2. Oh, Goddamnit
  3. Middle of Nowhere
  4. Running Out of Time
  5. Jingle Jangle
Hearing some of the new songs live got me really excited about their latest album Future Breeds.