Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Get Up Kids @ Avalon

Sadly, no one I knew seemed to know who The Get Up Kids were (I also used to be a huge fan of one of their side projects, Reggie and the Full Effect), so I ended up attending solo for the first time. It was interesting. It's true what my friend says about how certain people in the audience can really ruin a show for you. I purposely stood farther back, at the edge of the steps, to get a good view and because people would be less likely to mosh. Unfortunately, no one told the rowdy, drunken bunch next to me, who, by the end of the show, had forced me a foot from where I was originally standing. I've never seen people get that drunk at a show. Full drinks kept showing up in front of them until the show was over. They were constantly screaming like they were at a Mexican soccer game with their hands constantly jabbing the air much too far into my visual range. Don't get me wrong, I understand they were just expressing their love for the music, but it seemed really unnecessary for them to get their sweaty arms near me and constantly bump into me. And really? Screaming inappropriately during an acoustic performance? That kind of took me out of the emo moment. Other than that, I enjoyed the nostalgia of the music I used to listen and relate to. I loved everything off of Something to Write Home About. I barely started listening to some of the newer stuff the week of the show and I have to say to the haters of the more recent albums that it wasn't half bad. There was a lot of catchy music on On a Wire.

High Note: Hearing Beer for Breakfast live
Low Note: Obnoxious wannabe futbol fans

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