Saturday, January 19, 2008


Not the GREATEST movie I've ever seen. Honestly, I probably only saw about 15% of the movie. The rest of the time I had to look away from the screen due to motion sickness. I can't help it, sometimes I even get motion sickness from 1st person shooter games! So, I either kept my eyes closed or looked away from the screen unless the monster was running by or something. Also, the scene with the night vision was pretty cool. Otherwise, the movie didn't really make me care about the people that much. The characters were kind of vapid. They were gossipy and cared about stupid things, but I guess the appeal of the movie was that you were experiencing what they were going through like you were right there with them. I still liked the Korean movie The Host much better.

High Note: good choices for music at the party. I can't believe they played Coconut Records' "West Coast". Hells yes! Spoon, Gorillaz, Ratatat. They should've released a soundrack.
Low Note: Only character I liked in the movie was Lizzy Caplan and her sarcasm and she wasn't even there for the entire movie