Monday, October 16, 2017

Amazon Adventure 3D, Hurricane 3D @ CA Science Center's IMAX Theater

Since Wing is much more of a cinema technophile than I am, she'll be taking the reins on this blog post.

The newly installed IMAX with Laser projection system is a fantastic addition to the California Science Center. It has finally resolved one of the common issues that plague many regular 3D movies - the dullness of images viewed in stereoscopic 3D. With the new laser projection, the 3D images are bright and crisp; the colors are vibrant. On top of that, the 12-channel surround sound system provides a great audio boost to go with the beautiful visuals - the perfect combination to experience the many nature-themed films that the Science Center has to offer.

Amazon Adventure 3D follows the journey of naturalist Henry W. Bates into the Amazon. It was breathtaking, seeing the rainforest brought to life on the gigantic 7-story high screen.

Hurricane 3D, a documentary that tracks the beginning and end of an Atlantic hurricane, showcases both the beauty and destructive power of nature. The 12-channel surround sound especially shined during this film. It was so immersive I felt like I was in the eye of the storm.


  • To get the best IMAX experience, definitely try to pick seats that are in the upper center rows. As with most 3D projections, the images on the edge of the screen tend to be harder on the eyes when one is seated on the side. The effect is even more pronounced when viewing 3D on an IMAX scale screen.
  • If you haven't yet, definitely swing by the space shuttle Endeavour special exhibit. For the low admission price of $2, you get to witness one of the greatest human achievements on display.

** Photos provided by Boutique Publicity