Monday, August 6, 2012

Sound Bites 13.1: 1886 Bar @ The Raymond - Summer Cocktails

Since my last post, 1886 has become my favorite Pasadena bar and my go-to whenever a wedding ends early (there are A LOT of weddings in the spring and summer.  Also, why waste a good outfit?).  I love the food, cocktails, bartenders, atmosphere, and ease of parking.  So naturally, I was thrilled to reunite with HC and Fiona to try 1886's new summer cocktails.

Vacation Cocktails: 
  • La Brigada - spicy chicharrón, smokey mezcal, homemade agave liquer, fresh pineapple and lime served over crushed ice with a shard of frozen coconut water. 
    When Lacey vividly described the inspiration behind this drink (a family trip to La Paz), I was instantly transported to Hawaii and all I could think was "this tastes like a luau..." and extra chicharrón please! 
    La Brigada / Tranquilizer (this cup is larger than it appears)
  • Tranquilizer - overproof rum and Batavia Arrack with coconut and pineapple. 
    HC calls it a boozier piña colada.

Not for Kids:
  • Strawberry Paleta - "pop shot" made using -300°F liquid nitrogen, fresh CA strawberries, cream and rum.
    I love this alcoholic dessert.  I'm glad we each got our own.  
  • BBC - Bols Genever Basil Collins. 
    Reminds me of a soda...with my one of my favorite spirits.

Drinks on the Porch:
  • Rosebud -  homemade hibiscus liqueur, Benedictine, fresh lime juice and Reposado tequila, topped with Fever Tree’s lite tonic water. 
    Everyone likes a pink cocktail, says Brady.  After having this and his version of a Cosmo (with hibiscus liqueur, people!), I concur. 
  • Pimm's #6 - Karlsson's potato vodka and their summer Pimm's recipe topped with homemade sparkling lemonade.
    Pimm's #6 / Southern Belle Whistle
  • Southern Belle Whistle - hand-crafted soda pop with fresh yellow peaches, floral, sweet black tea and 1886 Buffalo Trace bourbon. Sealed with bubbles in a bottle and served with a wedge of lemon.
    There's a time and a place for this and it's a warm late afternoon on 1886's patio.  

Something a Little Stronger:
  • Xocolate - Reposado tequila, Italian vermouth, crème de cacao and a hit of Mexican mole bitters. 
    I was impressed by how chocolatey it tasted even though I knew it was all alcohol.
  • Dutch Kills - Bols Barrel-Aged Genever, Italian vermouth, bitters and a dash of apricot liqueur.

  • Yellowtail Collar "Hamachi Kama" - miso glazed, soy sauce to dip, roasted shisito peppers. 
    We've had this before, but I don't know what they changed because this time it was downright addictive.  We were trying to pick every last piece of meat off the bone.  
  • Crisfield Bay Soft Shell Crab - crispy blue crab with jerk sauce and seasoning.  

Song Pairing: 
Lilikoi - Paula Fuga

Better photos in Caroline on Crack's post