Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mixtape 2.0: Ni Hao Hawaii

These are the songs we heard every day on Oahu's top 40 island station Island 98.5.  I have to say, island music is instantly relaxing.  This mix always puts me in a good mood. 

Ni Hao Hawaii Mix
  1. I Feel So Good - Collie Buddz
  2. It Will Rain (reggae remix) - Bruno Mars 
    So he usually sounds like he's crying when he's singing, and the chorus sounds like Adele's Chasing Pavements, but for some reason I never get tired of this remix.  He should really put out a reggae remix of his greatest hits.  I would buy that. 
  3. Wade in Your Water - Common Kings
    Love the shoutouts to landmarks in Oahu.
  4. Pumped Up Kicks (cover) - Cris Cab
    Just when I thought this song was overplayed, Cab put a twist on it and I actually like this version better.  I wish he would release an album of cover songs.  
  5. Not Too Fast - Teki
    He's the island John Legend
  6. Set Fire to the Rain (reggae version) - Adele
  7. Give it Up - CRSB
  8. Gotta Be - The Green
  9. Get to Know You - Teki
    I love his silky voice so much I sprinkled the mix with his songs
  10. Higher than the Clouds - Anuhea
  11. Young Wild Free (reggae remix) - Inner Circle ft. I-Octane Bizerk
  12. Somebody that I Used to Know (Jr Blender reggae remix) - Gotye
    WAY better than the original
  13. All - Teki
  14. Falling - Iration
  15. All of the Lights (cover) - Cris Cab
  16. You Da One - Rihanna
  17. Waiting for You - Teki 

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