Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Glass Animals @ The Wiltern

Favorite moments from Glass Animals show at The Wiltern, first night:
  1. Loved the palm trees and vertical lights on stage.  It was like a luau at a rave. 
  2. Seeing Wing's reaction when she heard singer Dave Bayley's speaking voice for the first time.  I guess it's hard to imagine such chocolatey vocals coming out of him. 
  3. The only white people I've ever seen dance like Bayley are ravers and DJs.  It took some getting used to, but he was good and his moves were mesmerizing.  
  4. Their cover of Kanye's Love Lockdown is infinitely better than the original.  Although, it did get me interested in Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak album.  People complain about his voice on the album and all the auto-tuning, but it takes balls to sing on an album when you know your voice isn't great.  I really like the concept, and you can't deny the songs are damn catchy. 
  5. I don't usually like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but Glass Animals' cover / mashup, Gold Lime, actually made them sound appealing. 
Besides the odd dim sum din in the crowd during Cocoa Hooves (which was pretty rude if you ask me.  Everyone was talking so loudly, I'm pretty sure the band noticed.  But props to them for getting through the song without faltering), the rest of their set was solid.  They turned The Wiltern into their own sexy Hawaiian dance club. 

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