Monday, September 30, 2013

Indie Across America Web Series

I've always been a fan of former MTV VJ Dave Holmes, who is an encyclopedia of music knowledge.  Now he's back in a new web series Indie Across America, obviously sponsored by GEICO (lizard looks much bigger in real life), that just premiered last Tuesday.  Holmes travels across the country to hang out with indie bands and showcase their music. 

You can watch episode 1 of Indie Across America featuring indie band Stereo Crowd at  New episodes (along with music videos) will be released every Tuesday until November 12th.

Future episodes:
  • Episode 2: Baltimore featuring Sharkweek
  • Episode 3: Los Angeles featuring A House for Lions
  • Episode 4: Philadelphia featuring Norwegian Arms
  • Episode 5: New York city featuring La La Lush
  • Episode 6: San Diego featuring SanDollar
  • Episode 7: Boston featuring Quilt
  • Episode 8: Los Angeles featuring Dreamers Dose