Friday, April 12, 2013

Sound Bites 17.0: Littlefork @ Hollywood

Located half a mile from Pantages Theatre, Littlefork is a new pre-theatre dining option.  The interior seems to be a modern take on an east coast beach house, which is a refreshing departure from the overused industrial look of almost every new restaurant in downtown LA.  Fortunately, the food there isn't trite at all.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • James & York - rum, port, lime, pineapple, chesapeake & creole bitters, molasses.  Tasted like a tiki drink. 
  • Longman & Eagle Old Fashioned - Buffalo Trace bourbon, cherry & orange & Old Fashioned bitters, Demerara sugar, citrus zest.  
  • OK, so this isn't on the menu, but it's my favorite Old Fashioned and I'm so glad Littlefork imported Dino Balocchi (of Longman & Eagle fame) from Chicago, where I first had this great version of the classic cocktail.  

  • Pickled Beets, Radishes, Brussels Sprouts - they're delicious and come in cute little jars.  The jars line the wall behind the hostess by the entrance, so decoration and pickling are going on at same time.  I wonder if the restaurant lets you buy them to take home...
  • Clam Cakes - house tartar sauce.
    Like fluffy little clouds.  So good I got seconds.
  • Chowder - clams, bacon, oyster crackers.
    I liked how the soup wasn't too thick, and the potatoes and clams were just meaty enough without being overwhelming.  This would be perfect on a chilly / rainy day.   
  • Brisket - three mustards.
    The mustard drops looked like little chocolates.  The brisket was tender and flavorful.  It looked like a deconstructed sandwich.
  • Duck Breast -braised greens, maple cider sauce. 
    Supple and well-seasoned.  I'm glad it wasn't overly salty, which is how it tends to be at many non-Asian restaurants.
  • Maple Eggs - crispy bacon. 
    The sweet eggs and bacon came out in fake eggshells sitting in an egg carton.  Loved the presentation and the dish.
  • Apple Cider Donuts - apple butter. 
    Clearly the crowd favorite. It looked so pretty covered in sugar crystals.  So delectable with salted caramel and apple butter.  I wanted the entire dish for myself.

Littlefork has a lovely patio that I can't wait to enjoy when the weather warms up.  And I hope to try their new brunch menu soon. 

Song Pairing:  Binary Mind by Ra Ra Riot

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