Monday, August 30, 2010

Empire of the Sun @ Henry Fonda Music Box

Photo from Pretty Much Amazing
Great reviews from LA Weekly and Golden Bloggen.  I caught Empire of the Sun on Friday, Day 3 of their 4-day stint at Henry Fonda.  My favorite song of the night, and the most radio-friendly, was We are the People

Frontman Luke Steele put on a great show for being just one man, but I have to agree with LA Weekly that his dancers stole the show with their bizarre costumes and frantic dancing.  Favorite costumes of the night: the swordfish.

Some people thought Steele's voice cracked a bit, but I didn't really notice because there were so many distractions from the stage show (screensaver style background, costumes, headdresses) and you have to give him some leeway when he's been singing for a third night in a row.  The music and singing was still good enough to dance to.