Friday, July 18, 2008

Bombaster and Siamese Guns @ Unknown Theater

Uknown Theater was much larger inside than it appeared outside. Inside there was a modern area w/ a red coach and some matching artwork and a well lit bar. The guy taking the money at the door was really shady. He tried to charge me twice and then tried to charge one of J's friends extra. He was kind of a jerk. I was surprised to see a bar in there at all, judging by the outer appearance and the large stage in the back was completely unexpected.

It was the biggest stage I've seen Bombaster perform on, so it was cool that they were able to move around more freely and the sound was really good and crisp. I could actually hear the lyrics and BOTH vocals, which I'm sorry to admit, is kind of rare for a lot of their songs when I attend their shows. They played a new song, which sounded great live.

Siamese Guns
They had a ton of people in their band. J says they sounded a bit like Mono and Le Tigre, which I kind of agree with, the Mono part anyways. I JUST started listening to Mono, so I could hear it. It was very spacey and had a lot of distortion for some of the songs and then some were really catchy in a mellow kind of way. I liked the catchier stuff. I can only tolerate some post rock bands. Siamese Guns were obviously talented, especially for being so young. They seemed like they were in high school. The drummer was amazing. For one song, he was doing this ridiculously fast drumming on the sides. I loved the use of the extra drum by the singer and the keyboardist, who was good at apparently every instrument there.

I was a bit distracted by one of their groupies, this guy who didn't stop dancing until the end of their set. He just had all these crazy dance moves, it was amazing how long he was able to last!