Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bombaster @ Cranes Tavern

I didn't even know there was a bar so close to Henry Fonda! It's pretty small and doesn't stand out that much, but it's a cool little place. Very small performing area (the corner of a room), two booths inside, a DJ area, bar and more booths outside. I liked that it was so small, that you could hear the music flooding outside too. I also liked the tiki decor.

The sound needed some adjusting because sometimes the keyboard was low and the rest of the instruments were louder than the vocals. Bombaster was still good. They played a new song, which had a bumpy start. Carlyn forgot how the song started on the keyboards, but it was amusing and added to the witty banter. Their last two songs (one of them being "Love is for Lovers") were really catchy as usual and got some people dancing. One couple was dancing so hard, I was afraid they were going to run into me!