Sunday, March 2, 2008

Everybody Else @ Art Institute of CA, OC

So, I drove all the way to OC to see them even though I was trying to recover from a pretty bad cold. I really like the band and the show was free, come on, there was no other choice! Also, I heard there was supposed to be a fashion show and free food. They did not disappoint!

So, me and my sis pull into the parking lot and we see this sea of bright colors. We both immediately knew we were underdressed. It was like half art students and half Indie kids. We were planning on dressing a little crazier, but the weather got really cold, so we toned it down to stay warm. Well, my sis was doing alright since she was wearing green stripe socks and gold flats. btw, why is it that the larger you are, the tighter you think you can wear your pants? I know Indie kids like their skin-tight jeans, but I saw some people who were 3x my size and wearing skinny jeans 3x smaller than my size. I was impressed that they could even get them on! So anyways, you can imagine the scenery with so many crazy looking art students and Indie kids. It was like everyone was trying so hard to look different, but they all kind of ended up looking kind of homogeneous.

First thing we do after parking is take a stroll around the area. There's some artists trying to sell their wares, a skateboard ramp, runway with a band playing, and a long line. We immediately get into the line and it turns out it's for free drinks and tacos. The tacos were pretty good for free. As we were waiting in line, we did some people watching. We saw one guy who had big bright pink sunglasses on (it was cloudy that day) and a very fitted feminine jacket. I said "That guy looks like a rock star," and my sis said "Wouldn't it be funny if that was the lead singer?" Turned out it was. I'm sure he dressed like that to attract attention. I wonder if he got any because we saw him wandering around by himself. I know, I should have recognized him, but I'm usually there to just listen to the music. I never remember what he looks like besides that he's very attractive. He has the same lanky body and shaggy haircut that every other Indie kid has. It's hard to tell the difference! It's funny how they've replaced Phantom Planet for me. I remember back in the day when I used to go see Phantom Planet any time they were playing free somewhere. So, now that they're bigger, I don't even go to their shows anymore because I've seen them for free so many times. I have paid for Everybody Else's shows before, but they usually play for really cheap. :)

Then we wandered into the school to look around and eat some little sweet hors d'oeuvres that they're carrying in trays for the press fashion show. Those were delicious. I wish I knew what they were. They were like small dollops of custard on top of small pieces of pie crust. They were really good and naturally ran out of supply quickly. The school had some interesting student art on display.

We watched a fashion show outdoors that had some pretty nice clothes: Cali style w/ an Indie edge. Good enough to please the people there. I don't know if it was because the crowd had a lot of young girls there (an unfortunate side effect of liking a band who plays poppy catchy music and has a really good looking front man), but every time a male model came out there was a ton of screaming and hollering. Yeah, some of the guys were attractive, but really? They know they're good looking, just seemed kind of immature, but it did make them act a bit more cocky (and some of them a little bit embarrassed), so that made it a bit more interesting.

After the show, Everybody Else played on the same runway. We started out sitting by the runway this far:

It was surprisingly tame and controlled, then he wanted everyone to get a little bit closer and people started bumrushing the stage, so then we were this close:

Yep, about an arm's length away from him. The lighting was really weird and I did use a cameraphone, so the pictures do no justice to his good looks. It was a nice intimate show. Not as crowded as their other shows have been and I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play one of my fav songs "I Gotta Run", but the other songs were still good. They played a new song and "Wake Up" off their first album, which I've always liked. So, overall, it was a good day and I ended up with a set list and a guitar pick. :)